Official Announcements

ATMOS - Event Partner of the 31st AIDA Freediving World Championship

Official AIDA Event Partner ATMOS is committed to developing dive computers and assisting freedivers in analyzing their training data. Through the ATMOS APP, freedivers can gain a comprehensive u...

Join us for the 31st AIDA Freediving World Championship

The International Association for the Development of Apnea (AIDA) is heading back to Limassol, Cyprus for the 31st AIDA Freediving World Championship.  The competition will welcome nearly 12...

Daily Highlights

Day 8 - Constant Weight (CWT) - Men

The eighth and final day of the 31st AIDA Freediving World Championships concluded in Limassol, Cyprus today - 29 September 2023.   Early in the morning, Alexey Molchanov (INT) co...

Day 7 - Constant Weight (CWT) - Women

The seventh day of the 31st AIDA Freediving World Championship took place in Limassol, Cyprus on 27 September 2023. Today was women’s constant weight (CWT). In this discipline, the divers use ...

Jury Members

Main Judge

Pim Vermeulen

Citizenship: Netherlands


Yanzi Yuan

Citizenship: China


Maja Bozicek

Citizenship: Slovenia


John Folkvord

Citizenship: Norway


Francesca Koe

Citizenship: United States


Denys Rylov

Citizenship: Ukraine

Assistant Judge

Yi-Hsien Ting

Citizenship: Chinese Taipei, Taiwan

Assistant Judge

Wayne Tu

Citizenship: United States

Assistant Judge

Wanyu Yen

Citizenship: Chinese Taipei, Taiwan

Assistant Judge

Taehoon Kim

Citizenship: Republic of Korea

Assistant Judge

Sufiah Nurdiana

Citizenship: Indonesia

Assistant Judge

Soojung Helena Rim

Citizenship: Australia

Assistant Judge

Seongjun Kang

Citizenship: Republic of Korea

Assistant Judge

Sangseob Kim

Citizenship: Republic of Korea

Assistant Judge

Raviv Bar-Tal

Citizenship: Israel

Assistant Judge

Mohammad Khalilnezhad

Citizenship: Iran

Assistant Judge

Mikhael Dominico

Citizenship: Indonesia



  • E.D.T Offshore company ( - One vessel
  • The competition site: 170m depth, 25-28°C, located 1 mile from the beach
  • Three taxi boats will be available to carry athletes, judges, and crew from the beach to the competition zone
  • Two competition lines with a counter ballast system with a speed of 1.5m/1 sec
  • High-resolution sonar and a connected video camera will be providing real-time information on the freediver’s progress
  • 4 warm-up lines up to 30m
  • 4 experienced & trained safety divers with UW scooters per competition line
  • Dry warm-up will be possible on the vessel and on a smaller platform near the performance zone
  • O2 will be available at the dive location
  • AIDA Medical Committee members and emergency medical personnel selected by the committee will be present at the competition zone to handle potential accidents
  • Evacuation boat with first aid crew and doctor


Official Hotel: Hotel Park Beach


Single Room: €100/day

Double Room: €115/day

Triple Room: €165/day


Half Board: €8/day/person

Full Board: €20/day/person


  • The hotel offers 20-25 rooms for participants with the above rates, first come first served (use reservation code AIDA when booking)
  • Hotel Park Beach is located on the beach with direct access to the boat corridor (70m away). The rooms are recently renovated. The hotel is located in a woody area which can be great for relaxation.
  • Besides the official hotel, various Airbnb and other accommodation options on are available within walking distance of the hotel and boat pick-up location

Travel to LIMASSOL, Cyprus

  • Travel options:


Cyprus is serviced by a variety of different international carriers, including low budget companies (Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Wizz Air, Blue Air, Transavia…) that connect the island to major European cities. The island is also well connected to Japan, China and Australia through stops in Dubai.


Cyprus's main airport is Larnaca International Airport (LCA) and is on the outskirts of Larnaca City, approximately 77km from Limassol - flight schedule


Paphos International airport (PFO) is located around 67km from Limassol

  • Transportation options from Airports to Official hotel

Both airports are connected to Limassol with modern highway and can be reached in 45 min drive.

  • Taxi: In need of assistance, contact us at

The Limassol Urban Buses

The company transfers from Larnaca or Paphos Airports to Limassol with daily schedules, including weekends and public holidays to serve the transportation needs of all travellers with a current cost of €10/person including VAT and luggage.










Registration fee: €500 (BEFORE 30th June 2023)

Registrations received after 1st July 2023 will be charged €600/person.

For Payment information click

Sponsors & Partners


Start Diver Nationality Gender Discipline OT AP RP Card Points Remarks
1 Seunghye Ham KOR F CNF 09:00 26 m 26 m WHITE 26 Ok
2 Caroline Spitzer AUT F CNF 09:06 33 m 33 m WHITE 33 Ok
3 Anni Højgaard DEN F CNF 09:18 35 m 25 m YELLOW 14 UNDER AP,no tag
4 Mojca Haberman SLO F CNF 09:24 55 m 55 m RED 0 Dqbo-surface
5 Marta Gil ESP F CNF 09:34 55 m 55 m RED 0 Dqsp
6 Jennifer Wendland GER F CNF 09:44 56 m 56 m WHITE 56 Ok
7 Tatiana Zemskikh INT F CNF 09:54 58 m 58 m WHITE 58 Ok
8 Alice Ellialtioglu TUR F CNF 10:04 59 m 59 m RED 0 Dqpull
9 Maria Bobela POL F CNF 10:14 61 m 61 m RED 0 Dqbo-surface
10 Enchante Gallardo USA F CNF 10:24 62 m 62 m RED 0 Grab,dqother,dqpull
11 Marianna Gillespie FRA F CNF 10:34 63 m 63 m RED 0 Dqbo-surface,dqpull
12 Brigitte Banegas FRA F CNF 10:44 63 m 63 m RED 0 Dqbo-uw
13 Sanda Delija CRO F CNF 10:54 71 m 71 m YELLOW 71 No tag
14 Natalia Wilk POL F CNF 11:04 53 m 53 m NR WHITE 53 Ok
15 Irena Vanova CZE F CNF 11:10 51 m 51 m WHITE 51 Ok
16 Jung A Kim KOR F CNF 11:40 51 m 51 m WHITE 51 Ok
17 Yukine Toshinaga JPN F CNF 11:46 51 m 51 m WHITE 51 Ok
18 Jessea Wenjie Lu CHN F CNF 11:52 51 m 51 m WHITE 51 Ok
19 Jinseul Yuk KOR F CNF 11:58 48 m 48 m WHITE 48 Ok
20 Yongju Lee KOR F CNF 12:04 46 m 42 m YELLOW 37 UNDER AP,no tag
21 Shlomit Wallerstein ISR F CNF 12:10 46 m 46 m NR WHITE 46 Ok
22 Ranalina Alim EGY F CNF 12:16 45 m 45 m RED 0 Dqbo-surface
23 Nikita Fima Atriyu INA F CNF 12:22 45 m 45 m NR WHITE 45 Ok
24 Clementine Marie FRA F CNF 12:28 43 m 43 m WHITE 43 Ok
25 Qihong Han CHN F CNF 12:34 43 m 43 m YELLOW 42 No tag
26 Aki Shimoyama JPN F CNF 12:40 43 m 43 m WHITE 43 Ok
27 Jiaoyi Li HKG F CNF 12:46 41 m 41 m NR WHITE 41 Ok
28 Syafidatul Azua Shafii MAS F CNF 12:52 41 m 41 m NR WHITE 41 Ok
29 Janita Kulkula FIN F CNF 12:58 40 m 40 m WHITE 40 Ok
30 Chantal Marzin FRA F CNF 13:04 40 m 40 m WHITE 40 Ok

Sponsors & Partners