Event News

31st AIDA Freediving World Championship

Day 8 - Constant Weight (CWT) - Men

Published: 2023/09/30

The eighth and final day of the 31st AIDA Freediving World Championships concluded in Limassol, Cyprus today - 29 September 2023.  

In total the championships ran over 10 days, with men and women competing on separate days in 4 different disciplines. 

Today was the men’s constant weight (CWT). In this discipline divers use either monofins or bifins to descend and ascend. Conditions were not perfect today, with strong currents and a very choppy surface.  

In total, 45 divers competed with one AIDA World Record announced, in addition to nine announced AIDA National Records.  

Early in the morning, Alexey Molchanov (INT) completed his 136m AIDA World Record attempt successfully to secure yet another world record in CWT.    

Other highlights from the day included four new AIDA National Records:   

The rankings for the day: 

  1. Alexey Molchanov (INT) – 136m – AIDA World Record (pending doping result) 
  2. Abdelatif Alouach (FRA) – 116m  
  3. Fabio Tunno (GER) – 109m  

At the conclusion of the 31st AIDA Freediving World Championship, we also finalized the overall rankings for the competition.  

Women’s Overall Rankings: 

  1. Jung A Kim (KOR)  
  2. Sanda Delija (CRO)  
  3. Irena Vanova (CZE) 

Men's Overall Rankings: 

  1. Vitomir Maričić (CRO)  
  2. Petar Klovar (CRO)  
  3. Fabio Tunno (GER) 

Thank you all for joining us during this adventure in Limassol! We can’t wait to see you at the next AIDA Freediving World Championship!