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31st AIDA Freediving World Championship

Day 7 - Constant Weight (CWT) - Women

Published: 2023/09/28

The seventh day of the 31st AIDA Freediving World Championship took place in Limassol, Cyprus on 27 September 2023.

Today was women’s constant weight (CWT). In this discipline, the divers use either a monofin or bifins to descend and ascend. The conditions were not perfect, leaving athletes to compete against a strong current.

In total, we had 38 divers compete with seven AIDA National Records announced and one AIDA Continental Record announced.

Prior to the competition, Enchante Gallardo (USA) had announced her continental record attempt, but she, unfortunately, made an error at the bottom and could not successfully complete the dive.

Highlight for today include five new AIDA National Records:

The rankings for the day:

  1. Jung A Kim (KOR) – 96m
  2. Jennifer Wendland (GER) - 92m 
  3. Qihong Han (CHN) – 92m

Looking forward to the final day of the competition tomorrow with the men’s CWT!