August 17th, 2022 CWTB women
August 18th, 2022 CWTB men
August 19th, 2022 FIM women
August 20th, 2022 FIM men
August 21st, 2022 CNF women
August 22nd, 2022 CNF men
August 23rd, 2022 CWT women
August 24th, 2022 CWT men
August 25th, 2022 Back-up day

Official Announcements

Event committee - August 23

Join us at 7pm on Zoom with the following link: ID: 826 6380 5405Passcode: 191087

Medals ceremony and closing party

The medal ceremony followed by the closing party is scheduled for Wednesday at 6pm on the beach in front of Paradise Resort - you will see a big stage with AIDA banners 

Daily Highlights

ATMOS MISSION2 Makes AIDA World Championship Debut

ATMOS, a company specialized in wearable technology and software design based in Chinese Taipei, Taiwan, joins the 29th AIDA World Championship as a main partner and will showcase their innovative MIS...

Double K Partners with AIDA for Two World Championships

AIDA is pleased to announce its continued partnership with Double K, a South Korean freediving equipment manufacturer, for both the AIDA Pool World Championship Burgas 2022 and the AIDA Depth World Ch...

Jury Members

Main Judge

Radoslaw Gaca

Citizenship: Poland


Savva Savvas

Citizenship: Cyprus


Pim Vermeulen

Citizenship: Netherlands


Denys Rylov

Citizenship: Ukraine


Christian Foetinger

Citizenship: Austria


Ben Jeffares

Citizenship: New Zealand

Assistant Judge

Zoran Nebic

Citizenship: Croatia

Assistant Judge

Yanzi Yuan

Citizenship: China

Assistant Judge

Seongjun Kang

Citizenship: Republic of Korea

Assistant Judge

Robert Mackichan

Citizenship: United States

Assistant Judge

Lisa Borg

Citizenship: Australia

Safety Team

Performance Safety

Facundo Yáñez

Citizenship: Uruguay

Performance Safety

Ninja Reith

Citizenship: Germany

Performance Safety

Carlos Sabogal

Citizenship: Colombia

Performance Safety

Thibault De Sainte Maresville

Citizenship: Canada


Crystal clear waters at 30°C and no thermocline!

The site proposed for the competition is 0.7 miles from shore (N 16° 16 ́ 577 ́ - W -86° 36 ́ 365 ́), located in front of West Bay Beach and within 3 minutes by boat from our headquarter at San Simon Beach Club.

Two moorings are permanently installed on a large submerged sand patch, at a depth of 189 meters (620 feet).

The official ropes will be 11,5mm diameter, static professional, Brand of Rope : BEAL, Model : Antipodes


All the staff will be housed in our resort sponsor Mayan Princess in West Bay beach (

Athletes are free to choose accommodation in accordance to their preferences and budget. Resorts, Hotels, Inns and rental houses in West Bay and West End will offer special prices.

West End Town is a mere 10 minutes away from West Bay, by taxi boat or car (that run continuously until dark)


Naboo resort : 10 % discount,

West Bay Lodge 10% discount,

Caribe Tesoro 20 % discount,

Half Moon Bay resort 10% discount +504 9970 3606

Rental houses: 

Island Houses 10% discuont (contacts: Caroline Power +504 3200 1630;  Sara Carvaglia +504 9941 9362)



Travel to Roatan, Honduras

Visa requirements to enter Honduras

For help with invitation letters, please contact:

Roatan is serviced by the Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport with direct international flights from Atlanta, Houston, Toronto, Miami and El Salvador.                         

The shuttle from the airport to the official hotel and the return to the airport is offered by the hotel for its guests. For those choosing different accommodation options, the shuttle cost is around 20€ one way.

Information on COVID restrictions: all visitors must present

  • Proof of a full course of the COVID-19 vaccine (eg: the EU DCC). The last dose must have been administered more than 14 days prior to the date of travel; 
  • or a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test, dated no more than 72 hours before the date of your arrival in Honduras.

For the latest info:


420€ (covers the participation in the official competition days and the official training)

Additional trainings can be booked together with your registration at
- 39€(40$) per training for 1-4 trainings
- 34€(35$) per training for 5-9 trainings
- 29€(30$) per training for 10+ trainings


Start Diver Nationality Gender Discipline OT AP RP Card Points Remarks
1 Marianna Gillespie FRA F CWTB 09:30 97 m 97 m NR WHITE 97 Ok
2 Jennifer Wendland GER F CWTB 10:10 92 m 92 m WHITE 92 Ok
3 Enchante Gallardo USA F CWTB 10:20 88 m 88 m CR WHITE 88 Ok
4 Sahika Ercumen TUR F CWTB 10:30 83 m 83 m RED 0 Dqother
5 Jarmila Slovenčíková CZE F CWTB 10:40 78 m 78 m RED 0 Dqbo-surface
6 Natalie Rudman ZAF F CWTB 10:50 72 m 72 m WHITE 72 Ok
7 Yongju Lee KOR F CWTB 11:10 70 m 70 m WHITE 70 Ok
8 Chantal Marzin FRA F CWTB 11:20 70 m 70 m WHITE 70 Ok
9 Hou I Ming TPE F CWTB 11:30 65 m 65 m WHITE 65 Ok
10 Clementine Marie FRA F CWTB 11:40 63 m 63 m WHITE 63 Ok
11 Agata Załęcka POL F CWTB 11:50 62 m 62 m WHITE 62 Ok
12 Amber Bourke AUS F CWTB 12:00 62 m 62 m WHITE 62 Ok
13 Yulia Marievich LAT F CWTB 12:10 60 m 55 m YELLOW 49 Rpap,no tag
14 Yukine Toshinaga JPN F CWTB 12:20 53 m 53 m WHITE 53 Ok
15 Chen Syuan Wu TPE F CWTB 12:30 45 m 45 m WHITE 45 Ok
16 Janita Kulkula FIN F CWTB 12:40 41 m 41 m WHITE 41 Ok
17 Ana Rivera HON F CWTB 12:50 31 m 31 m WHITE 31 Ok

Sponsors & Partners