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29th AIDA World Championship

ATMOS MISSION2 Makes AIDA World Championship Debut

Published: 2022/08/12

ATMOS, a company specialized in wearable technology and software design based in Chinese Taipei, Taiwan, joins the 29th AIDA World Championship as a main partner and will showcase their innovative MISSION2 dive computer watches at the event.

Throughout the event, these watches and the integrated computer will be used to monitor the official depth and times of each competitor’s dive.

“ATMOS originated from a beautiful island where cutting-edge technology and abundant marine life coexist. As passionate divers and designers, we believe dive computers need to innovate continuously along with the increasing popularity of freediving. We are honoured that our MISSION2 dive computer is selected as the official dive computer for 29th AIDA World Championship and we join as a Main Partner. All the best wishes to the athletes and AIDA crews. Good dive in Roatan!” Said ATMOS CEO, Youyu Chang.

The MISSION2 is always ready for more discoveries with both a freediving depth and pool mode.

Technical Specifications:

  • 100m water resistance (EN13319)
  • Sapphire crystal lens
  • 1.2”, Sunlight-visible, Hi-res Color Display
  • 83g lightweight
  • Auto-on backlight
  • Super intuitive user interface
  • Audible, Visual and Vibration alarms
  • Multiple ascent & descent alarms
  • Rechargeable lithium-battery
  • Mark GPS coordinates & dive spot guide
  • Multisport: Scuba diving, Running, Swimming, Biking, Skiing.
  • Weather & Tidal
  • Smartphone notifications

The competition will be streamed live on AIDA’s YouTube Channel starting on 17 August.
The current schedule of events, start lists and results can be found on the official AIDA Depth World Championship Roatan 2022 website.


ATMOS is the expert of wearable device and software design. All our team members are passionate about diving. We understand that each dive is an extraordinary journey, so we spare no efforts on integrating innovative technology and diver thinking to develop products that bring you the ultimate diving experience.  Learn more about ATMOS: https://www.atmos.app/