AIDA Spotlight - Meet Julia Kozerska: An AIDA Athlete and World Record Holder

Published: 06/06/2024

AIDA Spotlight - Julia Kozerska.jpg

AIDA Spotlight is back, with no one less than Julia Kozerska. She had fantastic successes at the 30th Pool World Championship in Jeju last year. Julia achieved three personal bests, a national record and a world record, was the overall winner plus received the prestigious Molchanova award.

Read on to discover about her freediving journey.


How long have you been freediving?
I train freediving since 2011.

How did you discover freediving and why do you freedive?
In 2011 I was attending lifeguard course and mandatory was swim underwater 50 meters. I had huge difficulties to do it and this is how it started.

How does freediving help you in developing yourself in other areas of your life?
Freediving helped me to realize how strong and patient I am.

At what point did you decide to start competing and what led you to this decision?
After several months of trainings I`ve decided to take part in first competition, I was just curious and wanted try something new in my life.

What is your favorite discipline and why?
Dynamic no fins, it gives me the most joy.

Which discipline do you find the most challenging and why?
Dynamic no fins, because you have to lean on only on your muscles strength, no gear to help you swim further.

What is your best tip for someone who is just starting freediving?
To be patient and learn by one`s mistakes.

Do you do any other sports (to complement freediving, out of pure interest, or other reasons)?
I used to train volleyball but since I have 2 jobs and train freediving professionally, unfortunately I don`t have time and energy to play volleyball .

Where can people find you online?

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