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Aida International AIDA International is the Worldwide Federation for breath-hold diving. An assembly for freedivers; competiton, education, and community.
Aida International AIDA International is a non profit organisation that was founded in 1992 to further the development of freediving. Over the years AIDA International have defined disciplines in freediving and recognise and authenticate world records achieved in these disciplines.
Aida International AIDA International is made up of world class freedivers who are passionate about the sport of freediving. The AIDA International high standard and quality education programme that incorporates the knowledge and experience of world class freedivers, dive professionals and scientists is recognised world wide.

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  • Board Meeting Notes February 2015
    The Aida International Executive board met via Skype call on 21 February. Many important topics were discussed beginning with financial matters presented by Kimmo. Kimmo and Antero reported on the new Rules update process for 2015. Kimmo is working with a number of National representatives on the new Rules update procedure, and will send the […]
  • Aida International Board Meeting Notes: 31 January 2015
    Kimmo welcomed AIDA’s new Treasurer, Vedran Milat. Vedran has been working with Kimmo, Robert and Ben to ensure a smooth transition for treasury functions. The Board reviewed AIDA’s financial status, as presented by Kimmo and Vedran. Kimmo noted that AIDA is saving a significant amount by not reprinting instructor and judge cards (new instructors and […]
  • December Board Meeting Notes
    The Board reviewed AIDA’s financial status, as presented by Kimmo and Ben. The Board discussed information from AIDA’s accountants regarding transfers of funds by Sebastian Nagel to an account in Netherlands (during years 2007-2010). AIDA’s accountants are currently reviewing information they have received from the person with access to those funds, to determine if they were […]
  • Season’s Greetings from AIDA International!
    Fellow AIDA freedivers, we look forward to a safe, productive and enjoyable 2015: continuing AIDA’s mission of developing the sport of freediving around the world. We hope to see as many of you as possible at the 2015 AIDA Individual World Championships: Pool World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia (19-28 June), and Depth World Championships in […]
  • New World Record in Dynamic Apnea No-fins
    9 November 2014 Brno, Czech Republic Experienced diver Mateusz Malina of Krakow, Poland achieved a long-time goal of being a World Record diver. In a time of 4:27, he swam underwater for 226m . He surfaced with a very strong protocol and received a well-deserved white card from the judges. Since 2012 Matt had been […]

About AIDA

AIDA International

Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée

AIDA is the Worldwide Federation for breath-hold diving, established in 1992. AIDA manages and oversees the recognition of records, organises competitions, and sets the standards for freedive education. Since 1993, AIDA International has officiated 230 Official World Records.

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