AIDA welcomes new Nationals Assembly Members!

Published: 13/05/2024

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We`re excited to announce the expansion of our AIDA Nationals Assembly with the addition of new members.
Lithuania is now a full member, and Costa Rica, Iran, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Mauritius, Slovakia, South Africa and Türkiye joined as observers.

With these new additions, our AIDA Nationals Assembly now comprises 58 national AIDA organizations, representing a diverse and vibrant community of freedivers from around the world. Congratulations to everyone involved in the process.

For those unfamiliar with how AIDA operates, here`s a brief overview:

All national organizations, such as AIDA Ireland and AIDA Lithuania, are members of the AIDA Assembly.
As assembly members, these national organizations are eligible to financial support for the organization of National Championships and for the participation of national representatives in AIDA World Championships.

Initially, they join as observers, actively participating in assembly activities but without voting rights. After fulfilling all conditions, they progress to become full members, with voting privileges.

The AIDA Assembly plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our sport, making decisions on important matters such as competition rules, budget allocation, and the selection of juries for World Championships.

These processes are defined by our Statute, which you can find on the documents page.

Any athlete looking for information about their country`s upcoming freediving competitions or events, including registration for the AIDA World Championships, is welcome to contact their AIDA National or Observer member for information. 

For details on the voting, please visit the voting page.


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