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New AIDA competition rules!

Published: 2024/03/17

AIDA Competition Rules 17.5 Release


An updated version of the AIDA Rules has been published on the AIDA website Documents Page "Link here".

AIDA Rules PDF always available on AIDA website in the Documents/AIDA Competition/Documents for athletes and judges.

Version 17.5 includes changes approved by AIDA Assembly vote at the end of January, 2024.

The most important updates are separately highlighted in the Record of Changes on page 52.
Key changes I am adding into this e-mail as well:

1) Dive gauges.

NEW VERSION 4.1.7 The athlete or their coach may use any electronic devices to monitor the athlete with the exception of static apnea (STA). The athlete is prohibited to be in possession of any device that reads and / or reports their internal condition during their STA performance. If found to be in possession of such a device, the athlete will be disqualified (DQOTHER).

Comments: There is no benefit to athletes during their dives in dynamic or depth to wearing a smart computer and now many dive computers have this facility.

2) Dynamic. Turn.
7.1.10 Any propulsion assistance other than swimming movements or pushing off from the end wall and bottom during starts and turns will result in a penalty (PULL) as described in Chapter 10.

Comments: Allow the bottom push at the turn.

Please check Record of Changes as other corrections are connected with AIDA Anti-Doping policy and procedures.

17.5 is latest version of AIDA Rules at the moment.