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World record
Start date: 15.09.2017
End date: 16.09.2017
Location: BONAIRE , Netherlands Antilles
Event Type: Mixed Competition
Disciplines: FIM CNF CWT STA
Organizer: GabyCONTRERAS
Event Medic Name: Lothar Schwarte
Event Medic Qualifications: Emergency Doctor
Safety plan: 1 or 2 Doctors/ paramedic on the platform. 1 Fast evacuation by boat capable of making the beach in 2 minutes. 1 Fully equipped ambulance on stand by with 3 minute drive to advanced medical center and decompression chamber. 1 Hyperbaric Chamber Stand by 24hrs Advanced CPR and ACLS elements. 2 Bottles Pure O2 100% per day.
Maximum depth: 150
Main Judge: Gaby CONTRERAS
Assistant Judges: Not set
Additional Judges: Christian FOETINGER

Day: 9/15/2017