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Hong Kong Freediving Competition 2018

Start date: 14.10.2018
End date: 14.10.2018
Location: HONG KONG, Hong Kong
Event Type: Pool Competition
Organizer: Chris CHEUNG
Disciplines: DNF DYN STA
Minimum pool depth: 1.4
Maximum pool depth: 2.5
Main Judge: Lap Hing CHEUNG
Assistant Judges: Wai Leung CHAN
Additional Judges: Prudence Yee Man LAU

Day: 10/14/2018

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No results to show


Diver name Diver country Gender Card Points Penalty Points AP RP Judge remarks
Female results
Wing Cheuk Honey Ho Hong Kong Female White 41.4 0 02:00 min 03:27 min
Male results
Tsz Hin Wai Hong Kong Male White 47.4 3 04:10 min 03:57 min RP<AP
Koossulraj Sadaful Mauritius Male White 41.4 0 02:00 min 03:27 min