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Caribbean Cup 2018

Start date: 18.05.2018
End date: 18.05.2018
Location: Roatán, Honduras
Event Type: Depth Competition
Organizer: Esteban DARHANPE
Disciplines: FIM CNF CWT
Event Medic Name: Hector Ruiz
Event Medic Qualifications: Doctor graduated in UNAM MX Doctor event 2017 AIDA WC, Caribbean Cup 2017, Big Blue (Mexico)
Additional info: Please find detailed information on this link: http://roatanfreediving.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Caribbean-Cup-2018_Info-Athletes-1.pdf
Safety plan: We have a complete medical kit with pure O2, AED and fluid suction on platform. Emergency evacuation boat next to the platform (3 minutes to the coast, San Simnon Beach Club headquarters) Ambulance in San Simnon Beach Club parking. Medical clinic at 300 meters from the San Simon Beach Club Hyperbaric chamber at 15 minutes from San Simon Beach Club. (AKR Clinic) Air ambulance available
Maximum depth: 130
Main Judge: Carla HANSON
Assistant Judges: Christopher MCKAY
Additional Judges: Trista FONTANA

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