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Infinity Depth Games 4 | 14-21 October 2018

Start date: 14.10.2018
End date: 15.10.2018
Location: Larnaca, Cyprus
Event Type: Depth Competition
Organizer: Pavlos KOURTELLAS
Disciplines: FIM CNF CWT
Event Medic Name: Komanetsi Rescue Team
Event Medic Qualifications: EMT
Additional info: The competition will be under AIDA regulations and results will be registered in AIDA ranking.
Safety plan: SAFETY PLAN In emergency the diver will be carried to the Komanetsi Rescue Boat where the doctor and the first aid crew will provide first aid. If the diver needs to be taken to hospital, a second evacuation speedboat will take the diver to the beach. The competition site will be 1km distance from the beach where there will be a 1 fully equipped ambulance on standby with 5 minute drive to advanced medical center. The Cyprus Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) (http://www.mod.gov.cy/mod/cjrcc.nsf/index_en/index_en?OpenDocument) will be fully prepared and notified of the competition and location and they will be on standby in case of an emergency to assist in rescue procedure.
Main Judge: Sasa JEREMIC
Assistant Judges: Marinos KARTAPANIS
Additional Judges: Costas CONSTANTINOU

Day: 10/14/2018