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AIDA Cyprus Depth Games 2018.

Start date: 14.10.2018
End date: 14.10.2018
Location: Limassol, Cyprus
Event Type: Depth Competition
Organizer: Savvas SAVVA
Disciplines: CWT CNF FIM
Event Medic Name: Evgenios Metaxas
Event Medic Qualifications: pnevmonologist
Safety plan: On the competition site will be present doctor Metaxas md, Msc in respiratory medicine and life guard crew with their evacuation boat. Evacuation boat can reach shore with in 7 min. Ambulance will wait on the shore in order to transport to the hospital. Hospital can be reach in 12 min.
Maximum depth: 120
Main Judge: Savvas SAVVA
Assistant Judges: Not set
Additional Judges: Panicos PANAYIOTOU

Day: 10/14/2018