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AIDA CYPRUS Pool Games 2018.

Start date: 20.05.2018
End date: 20.05.2018
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Event Type: Pool Competition
Organizer: Savvas SAVVA
Disciplines: STA DYN DNF
Event Medic Name: Dr Andreas Vorkas
Event Medic Qualifications: general practitioner
Safety plan: Safety divers 2 in competition lane, in the water. 2 safety divers in warm up zone. Doctor and life guard present at the pool. Ambulance on duty in front of the venue, with access to the hospital within 10 min.
Minimum pool depth: 1
Maximum pool depth: 2.5
Main Judge: Savvas SAVVA
Assistant Judges: Not set
Additional Judges: Panicos PANAYIOTOU

Day: 5/20/2018