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Cool Down 2017

Start date: 22.07.2017
End date: 22.07.2017
Location: Achenkirch, Austria
Event Type: Depth Competition
Disciplines: CNF FIM
Organizer: ChristianFOETINGER
Event Medic Name: Prohaska Roswitha
Event Medic Qualifications: dive medicine, apnea specialist
Additional info: CNF Event and FIM!! For the 6th time, A.I.D.A. Austria and Alpnoe.org organize and host a deepdiving event. Both newbies and "professionals" are welcome. ABOUT THE EVENT The competition will take place at the lake Achensee on 22th July 2017, at the Achensee Camping Schwarzenau. On Saturday we will have the Austrian CNF and FIM depth championship and in the evening we will have a BBQ! Is there a better way to celebrate than with other freedivers after a competition? CNF and FIM (counter weight available) only 1 Results but 2 rankings Type: Individual, International; max. -48m ; max. 30 Athletes
Safety plan: water rescue, hyber bar chamber within 1 hour by car
Maximum depth: 48
Main Judge: Christian FOETINGER
Assistant Judges: Not set
Additional Judges: Monika HOPF

Austrian CNF Championship