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Swiss Championship Lake 2017

Start date: 26.08.2017
End date: 26.08.2017
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Event Type: Depth Competition
Disciplines: CWT FIM
Organizer: MarcoMELILEO
Event Medic Name: First Responder
Event Medic Qualifications: dipl. Rettungsdienst
Additional info: Inscriptionform available: stifuk@gmail.com (Stefan Keller) Fon: +41793202646 or marco.melileo@gmx.net (Marco Melileo) Fon: +41794666030
Safety plan: Ambulance on place, Transportortation by boat (80 m from the coast) 10 min to the Hospital (Universitäts Klinik Zürich)
Maximum depth: 75
Main Judge: Marcello DE MATTEIS
Assistant Judges: Not set
Additional Judges: Marco MELILEO

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